25 Sep 2018

How to use 3rd party SFP Transceivers / Modules on Cisco Routers and Switches

SFP Modules / Tranceivers
When you plug-in a 3rd party transceiver on Cisco Router or Switch, with terminal monitor on, you will see a log message indicating that the hardware platform has detected an invalid SFP like below:

24 May 2018

Telegram messenger security bots, channels and groups

telegram messenger
Telegram messenger is a free cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. With Telegram, you can send messages, photos, videos and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc.), as well as create Groups for up to 100,000 people or Channels for broadcasting to unlimited audiences. Telegram supports end-to-end encrypted voice calls. you can get more info about Telegram here.

6 May 2018

Twitter advises users to change password now

If you’re using Twitter you should change your password. Twitter has advised that more than 330 million users on its platform should change their passwords due to a bug. Twitter identified a bug that stored passwords unmasked (unscrambled, thus in clear/plain text) in an internal log.

25 Apr 2018

Microsoft launches Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome

Windows Defender Browser Protection
warning when you visit malicious website
Microsoft has recently released a new browser extension for google chrome; Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Safeguarding chrome users from malicious websites, with real time protection from Microsoft. Windows Defender Browser Protection’s purpose is to analyse the links that you open and protect you against malware and malicious websites.

21 Jan 2018

MasterCard introduces cards with embedded fingerprint sensors

MasterCard has unveiled a payment card with a fingerprint sensor embedded. It's currently being tested in South Africa and hopes to be rolled out to the rest of the world by the end of 2017. This will depend on the results of additional trials in Europe and Asia Pacific, to be effected in the coming months.

9 Jan 2018

Tips for Safer Online Shopping

Online shopping has made it easier and convenient for consumers. However, most people are unaware of the dangers and risks that they may face while shopping online. This article is to highlight on what steps people should exercise to stay safe when shopping online. It's important to take steps to protect yourself when shopping online.