16 May 2023

Ruckus Access Point not connecting to Virtual SmartZone

Ruckus Virtual SmartZone

I had some issues with some Ruckus Access Points (AP) not registering on the Virtual SmartZone (vSZ).

The first step in troubleshooting is connecting to the Ruckus Access Point via CLI and ping the vSZ to confirm the AP can reach the vSZ.

Run the command get scg on the AP. From the result ip should show such information like scg service status, If AP is managed by vSZ, the vSZ IP address the AP is supposed to register with.

If you see “SCG Service is disabled” Then run “set scg enable” and this should start the SCG service.
If the Server List is incorrect or there is no entry, enter command  “set scg ip x.x.x.x” to point the AP to the vSZ. x.x.x.x is the IP address of the Virtual SmartZone. This should reboot the AP, and it will attempt to connect to the vSZ

If the AP still fails to register with vSZ after following the above, Upload an AP Patch onto the SmartZone controller by following the link below for instructions 


After the above steps, still the R500 could not connect to the vSZ, so i followed the below:

The legacy APs supported only till the 3.6.2.X version will not automatically join on SmartZone even if we have the AP patch applied because the Default Zone will always be on the higher version (higher than 3.6.2.X).  Hence, to register the AP to the SZ on the Old AP firmware Zone, we must create an AP registration rule.
How to create AP Registration Rule?

This should work, if not, contact vendor support and create a ticket.

Migrate Access Point from one SZ to new SZ with different IP

1.    Type the command as "set scg ip x.x.x.x.x". Put the IP address of the new SmartZone
2.    If the AP didn't connect to new SZ IP, type "set scg reset" Then, AP will connect to the new SZ IP.

I hope the article will help someone.......