12 Dec 2022

Smishing and how to protect yourself

Smishing is a type of phishing done over Short Message Service (SMS) also known as SMS Phishing.
Smishing is where a cyber criminal will use SMS messaging as a means to gather information from unsuspecting individuals. The message may include a link to a phishing site.

Cybercriminals often use one of two methods to steal this data:
  1. Malware: The smishing URL link might trick an individual into downloading malicious software with malware that installs itself on your phone. This malicious software might trick you into typing in confidential information and sending this data to the cybercriminals. 
  2. Malicious website: The link in the smishing message might lead to a fake site imitating reputable sites that requests you to enter sensitive personal information. Check phishing for more information...

How to protect yourself

  • Check the sender's number is trustworthy. If you are not sure if the message is legitimate, contact the sender organisation via their listed number or chat. Don't call the same number that sent a message
  • Avoid clicking links in text messages unless you're completely certain you can trust the sender's number.
  • Go to websites directly with your browser whenever possible rather than following links.
  • Turn on 2-factor authentication to protect your accounts