31 May 2023

Secure Email Use for Businesses


Email Security
Every member of staff in an organisation with access to email is responsible for using email securely.

Email is the number source for cyber threats and data leaks.
Data may leak though email in several ways:

  • Sensitive and Personal Information can be emailed to the wrong email address.
  • Email addresses can be revealed to others through careless use of the Cc field.
  • Sensitive conversations can be revealed when forwarded to other recipients or new email addresses are added to an existing conversation.
  • Phishing is another threat to every email inbox. Cyber criminals send fake emails with malware infected attachments or with links to sites that will try and harvest login credentials or personal details.

How to stay safe

  • Double-check the recipient's email address is spelt correctly when you send sensitive information.
  • Consider when to use the Bcc field to maintain your recipient privacy.
  • Don't add people from outside the organisation into existing email threads within the company.
  • Don't click on links or open/download attachments from suspicious emails

Always be alert and securely use email in your workplace. 

For more information on phishing emails and how you can protect yourself, follow the link.

Image credit: pxhere.com