14 Oct 2019

No access to checkpoint Gaia Web UI or Smartconsole

Have you lost access to the Checkpoint Gaia Security manager using GUI Web Portal or Smartconsole?

I had such an experience of late where I had no access to Web UI, Smartconsole or CLI on my lab checkpoint appliance. The device I faced issues with is a checkpoint 5600 appliance with both Gateway and Security Manager running on the same appliance. 

I connected console to monitor the boot process and noticed it would give an error "kernel.printk = 0 1 0 1" then get stuck there. I waited for about 40 minutes then it requested for username and password on console CLI. I logged on but still with no access via Web UI or Smartconsole.

To gain access to the GUI I had to unload policy from appliance via CLI issuing the command:
fw unloadlocal

To verify there is no policy on the appliance, I issue the command:
fw stat

After unloading the policy I had access to the appliance via Web Portal and Smartconsole. I had to try the policy to the appliance. 

I'm not sure but I think the policy had gotten corrupt or I had locked myself out which I doubt. I had not configured policy to restrict or block management access to the Checkpoint Security Manager via Web UI or Smartconsole.

I am not sure and willing to find out what caused the the kernel.printk = 0 1 0 1 error.
Has anyone come across this error?