4 Sept 2019

Foxit Software Data Breach Exposes User Passwords

If you have an online account with Foxit Software, you need to reset your account password immediately. PDF software provider Foxit Software had a recent breach which allowed third party unauthorized access to personal data associated with its "My Account" service. My Account passwords of affected users have been reset and email notifications sent out.

My Account is a free service that allows Foxit customers access to trial downloads, order history, product promotion, product registration information and troubleshooting & support information.

Compromised data included company and customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, ip addresses. Third parties did not access payment information.More than 328000 users were affected.

Customers that use their Foxit ‘My Account’ credentials on other websites or services are encouraged to change their passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

More info can be found on blog post published by Foxit.